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Privacy Policy


In order to demonstrate transparency and compliance with applicable legal obligations, Cargofast Logistics do Brasil fulfills the obligation to inform the purpose of using the Data Collected by the company and the rights of individuals (Individuals) who are the data subjects. This Privacy Policy is supplemented by other Policies, Processes, and Best Practices used internally at Cargofast Logistics do Brasil. If you have any doubts about the treatment of Personal Data, please contact Cargofast Logistics do Brasil through the Privacy Channels identified.

Cargofast Logistics do Brasil Ltda. CNPJ 10.268.203/0001-17, headquartered in the city of Santos – SP, located at Avenida Senador Feijó, 686, rooms 1817 and 1818, Santos – SP, ZIP code 11015-504, is responsible for processing the collected Personal Data.

Cargofast Logistics do Brasil makes the best efforts to provide adequate protection measures in all its operations and to implement the most consistent, effective, and rigorous policies and procedures. Recognizing the importance of your privacy, we have developed this Policy to inform you about the conditions under which we process and protect your Personal Data. This Policy also describes your rights and how you can contact us to exercise them or ask any questions you may have about the protection of your Personal Data.

ANPD (NATIONAL DATA PROTECTION AUTHORITY): Brazilian public administration body responsible for overseeing, implementing, and supervising compliance with the General Data Protection Law throughout the Brazilian territory.
PERSONAL DATA: information related to an identified or identifiable natural person. Personal data includes: Name and surname; Age (Date of Birth); Address; Email; IP address; Current position; Identity number: CPF, RNE, Passport number, among others.
SENSITIVE PERSONAL DATA: according to Brazilian law, sensitive personal data is data that relates to racial or ethnic origin, religious belief, political opinion, union membership, or membership in a religious, philosophical, or political organization, health or sexual life data, genetic or biometric data when linked to a natural person.
CLIENT: an individual or legal entity, represented by individuals, who uses the services of Cargofast Logistics do Brasil.
COOKIES: Information files stored on a computer or mobile device through the internet browser. These files allow a website to “remember” actions and preferences recorded on behalf of the user for a period of time.
COLLECTION: for the purposes of this policy, it is the process of collecting Personal Data.
COLLABORATOR: refers to leadership members, managerial positions, direct and indirect employees, contractors, interns, and apprentices who are performing activities at Cargofast Logistics do Brasil.
CONTROLLER: a natural or legal person, public or private, who is responsible for decisions regarding the processing of personal data.
DATA PROTECTION OFFICER (DPO): also called Data Protection Officer, is responsible for coordinating and ensuring compliance with the Data Protection Policy and applicable local legal/regulatory requirements, also acting as the primary channel with Data Subjects and the National Data Protection Authority ANPD.
SUPPLIER: An individual or legal entity that offers a specific product or service to Cargofast Logistics do Brasil.
LGPD: General Law on Data Protection (Law 13.709/2018).
PROCESSOR: a natural or legal person, public or private, who processes personal data on behalf of the Controller.
PROCESSING: refers to all operations performed with Personal Data from the moment of collection.
CONSENT AGREEMENT: a document that collects favorable consent for the processing of Personal Data for specific purposes.
DATA SUBJECT (Data Subject): A natural person to whom the Personal Data being processed relates.
USER: These are employees and/or users designated by the companies contracting the services of Cargofast Logistics do Brasil for data processing in the fiscal, accounting, payroll, and legalization areas.
Collection of Personal Data
Cargofast Logistics do Brasil collects and processes your Personal Data in order to provide advisory services in foreign trade solutions. Such Personal Data may be provided:
When participating in a recruitment and selection process of Cargofast Logistics do Brasil: This section informs how Personal Data is processed by Cargofast Logistics do Brasil concerning individuals who are candidates for a position, participate in a recruitment event, or go through an assessment process by Cargofast Logistics do Brasil or some third-party company.
Purpose of Processing: Cargofast Logistics do Brasil collects this information to evaluate individuals who have applied for a position at the company. Depending on the negotiation and hiring model, Cargofast Logistics do Brasil may hire both individuals as well as those under CLT contracts.
How Data is Collected: Cargofast Logistics do Brasil collects this type of Personal Data through:
Direct contact with Cargofast Logistics do Brasil by phone, email, fax, or through the website, or at some other event;
Through personal recommendations;
Through recommendations from service providers, for example, recruitment and selection companies;
Through social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.
Collected Personal Data: Cargofast Logistics do Brasil collects the following Personal Data: name, surname, date of birth, CPF, RG or RNE, email, phone data, address, educational data, employment history.
Payroll Processing: This section details how Personal Data is processed when hiring individuals as CLT employees.
Purpose of Processing: Cargofast Logistics do Brasil collects this Personal Data for:
i. Processing employee payroll;
ii. Sending employee data for payroll processing;
iii. Receiving payroll processing results;
iv. Sending income and withholding tax information for preparing DIRF (Brazilian income tax return);
v. Processing employee benefits, such as health insurance, transportation, and meals.
How Data is Collected: Employees provide their Personal Data to the Human Resources Department of Cargofast Logistics do Brasil at the time of hiring.
Collected Personal Data: Cargofast Logistics do Brasil collects all legally required data for employee records and additional payroll transactions: hours worked, delays, absences, vacations, medical leave, medical certificates, pre-employment medical examinations, periodic medical examinations, and medical certificates for absence, transportation vouchers, dependents, etc.
Through the hiring of Cargofast Logistics do Brasil’s services: This section details how Personal Data is processed when an individual or legal entity hires the services of Cargofast Logistics do Brasil.
Collected Personal Data: Cargofast Logistics do Brasil collects the following Personal Data:
Representatives of the legal entity client: Name, RG or Passport if not a resident, CPF, Date of Birth, current powers of attorney.
Through the hiring of Suppliers and Service Providers: Cargofast Logistics do Brasil collects Personal Data of representatives of the company’s suppliers and service providers.
Purpose of Processing: Contractual formalization in the acquisition of a product or service.
How Data is Collected: The Financial / Administrative Department captures the Personal Data of the legal entity and its representatives for contractual formalization; Financial / Legal processes the service and sends reports/evidence. Collected Personal Data: Cargofast Logistics do Brasil collects all Personal Data of the representatives for contractual formalization.
When a person provides information while using the website: Individuals access the Cargofast Logistics do Brasil website
Purpose of Processing: To address questions, requests from visitors to the Cargofast Logistics do Brasil website.
How Data is Collected: The Cargofast Logistics do Brasil website has a messaging system where visitors can ask questions.
Collected Personal Data: Any information provided by the person visiting the website.
Other Personal Data collected automatically: Cargofast Logistics do Brasil collects certain information automatically when a user visits the company’s website in order to customize and enhance their experience. Methods of collection include:
Cookies: Cargofast Logistics do Brasil uses “Cookies” to automatically collect information that allows us to identify functionalities that the user may be most interested in, in order to improve application performance and provide a more personalized browsing experience.
Statistics: The website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”), and Hotjar, an analytics service provided by Hotjar Limited (“Hotjar”), to generate statistical reports. Information collected through statistics may include, for example, IP address, the source website where the user arrived at the Cargofast Logistics do Brasil website, and the type of device used. The IP address is hidden in Cargofast Logistics do Brasil systems and will only be used if necessary to resolve a technical issue, administer the website, and gain insights into user preferences.
Social Networks: There is an option to click on dedicated social network icons such as Instagram and LinkedIn that appear on the website Social networks create a more friendly atmosphere on the website and help promote it through sharing. Video sharing services enrich the website’s video content and increase visibility.
Legal Basis for Processing Personal Data
Cargofast Logistics do Brasil processes Personal Data in accordance with the legal bases established by LGPD and in an appropriate and compatible manner with the purpose of its collection. We process your Personal Data:
• In the management of the contractual relationship with the customer who hires the company’s services;
• In the legitimate interest of Cargofast Logistics do Brasil or third parties, provided that the legal requirements for this are met;
• In compliance with certain legal or regulatory obligations;
• When necessary for the regular exercise of rights in judicial, administrative, or arbitration proceedings;
• Based on the prior consent of the Data Subject, if, under certain circumstances, consent is requested.
Sharing of Personal Data
Cargofast Logistics do Brasil restricts access to the Personal Data of the Data Subject only to its duly authorized professionals who need to have knowledge of such data to process requests or provide the requested service(s). In this sense, Cargofast Logistics do Brasil shares the information provided by customers, with the intention of using the company’s services.
Cargofast Logistics do Brasil will not disclose the Personal Data collected to unauthorized third parties. However, the Company may share this Personal Data:
With authorized service providers, such as consultants in technology and IT areas; who support the Company in providing services. In these cases, it will be ensured that your Personal Data is processed only for specific, explicit, and informed purposes for the Data Subject, with no possibility of further processing incompatible with the stated purpose. Cargofast Logistics do Brasil’s service providers are not authorized to use and/or disclose your Personal Data except to provide services on behalf of the Company or to fulfill legal obligations. These service providers will only use the Data Subject’s Personal Data in accordance with the instructions issued by Cargofast Logistics do Brasil and in accordance with the purposes mentioned in this Policy.
With a successor or buyer in the event of a merger, acquisition, asset sale, or similar operation, and only if the receiving party of the data has a Privacy Policy and other practices consistent with this Privacy Policy.
To comply with a law, regulation, or court order.
To respond to information requests made by regulatory agencies, law enforcement authorities, and other public authorities, including cases related to national security.
To enforce and/or protect Cargofast Logistics do Brasil’s property or rights, including investigating fraud and helping to prevent information security threats, including cybercrime and other malicious or criminal activities.
To protect the legitimate interests of third parties, including the personal safety of Cargofast Logistics do Brasil employees.
Storage of your Personal Data
Cargofast Logistics do Brasil stores the Personal Data collected in the company’s databases, in a secure environment, ensuring confidentiality and security:
Only for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes for which they were collected, subject to any legal deadlines and the need for Cargofast Logistics do Brasil to defend itself in legal proceedings.
The collected Personal Data may occasionally be kept for a longer period due to applicable laws or regulations. At the end of the legal deadline and necessity, the collected Personal Data will be deleted using secure disposal methods or used in an anonymized manner for the purpose of obtaining statistics.
The Personal Data captured may be stored by a third party contracted for this purpose, whether located in Brazil or abroad.
Personal Data may be stored using cloud computing and/or other methods that may arise in the future to improve and enhance activities, respecting market security levels and best practices.
Sensitive Personal Data
If it is strictly necessary to collect Sensitive Data, this will be done in accordance with legal requirements and with a legal basis provided for in LGPD or with the prior, specific, and highlighted consent of the Data Subject for specific purposes under the conditions described in this Policy.
Processing of Personal Data of Children and Adolescents
Personal Data of minors are collected in accordance with legal requirements and always with the authorization of one of the parents or legal guardians.
International Transfer of Personal Data
The Personal Data collected may be transferred to recipients located outside Brazil and authorized to perform services contracted by Cargofast Logistics do Brasil. In the event of an international transfer, measures necessary to ensure adequate safeguards for the protection of the Personal Data collected will be adopted in accordance with LGPD and in compliance with the protections described in this Policy.
Exercise of Your Rights under LGPD
The Data Subject of Personal Data has the following rights with respect to the controllers of their personal data:
Confirm the existence of Processing: The Data Subject may request confirmation from Cargofast Logistics do Brasil that their Personal Data is being processed.
Access to Personal Data: The Data Subject can request from Cargofast Logistics do Brasil the Personal Data it stores about them.
Correction of Personal Data: The Data Subject can request the correction or supplementation of incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated Personal Data. To do so, it is necessary to provide legitimate evidence that proves the correct form of the Personal Data.
Anonymization, Blocking, or Deletion:
Contact Cargofast Logistics do Brasil to request the deletion of the Personal Data. And if it does not impact the provision of services, we will proceed with their deletion. However, if the information is essential for the operation, the Company may anonymize the data in a way that the Data Subject cannot be identified.
Request the anonymization of the Data Subject’s Personal Data: the possibility of anonymizing the data without impacting the provision of services will be assessed.
Request the temporary suspension of any Processing operation: The Data Subject will be informed that the provision of services by Cargofast Logistics do Brasil and the contractual relationship with the Data Subject may be compromised by the impossibility of processing the data;
Information about sharing Personal Data: whenever there is no legal impediment, the Data Subject may request from Cargofast Logistics do Brasil information about with which third parties and why it shares their Personal Data.
Revocation: If the Data Subject has given consent for the processing of their Personal Data, they may request revocation as long as it does not prevent the use of the service’s features, unless the service is terminated;
Portability: The right to request a copy of your Personal Data that Cargofast Logistics do Brasil has and the right to transmit such a copy to third parties.

Where to find additional information:
If there is any issue, question, complaint, or request regarding the processing of Personal Data, the Data Subject can contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO), Ronny Tolomei, via email at:
or by sending a letter to the following address: Avenida Senador Feijó, 686, room 1817 and 1818, Santos – SP, ZIP code 11015-504.

Changes to this Privacy Policy:
This Privacy Policy may be changed over time.
This Privacy Policy was last updated on November 3, 2023.